Bimonthly inkjet technology review publication based on recent patents

Patents and patent applications provide a wealth of raw information, but few executives, managers, engineers or scientists have time to read them every month, let alone pick those of interest, analyse them and decide what’s relevant.

Therefore, a unique service - Directions - was established and is now in its 24th year. Experts in printhead, ink and substrate technology filter and review key inkjet patents and industry news published. Subscribers receive six reports a year with reviews of the most significant inkjet printhead, ink and substrate patent applications. European, US and global (PCT) patent applications are reviewed. The expertise of our reviewers and reference to a database spanning more than two decades both help ensure the most relevant inkjet advances are reviewed.  

Clear illustration using the most relevant drawings from the patents ensures Directions provides a fast, easy way to stay in tune with the ink jet industry. Can your business afford not to use this insightful inkjet resource?

It has been observed that global disruptions like a banking crisis, an epidemic etc., tend to accelerate an adoption of more efficient technologies, in particular digital technologies. It is likely that those adopting inkjet technologies during Covid-19 and emerging up and running with them post Covid-19 will benefit over those who did not take the opportunity to change. Similarly, those who are involved with inkjet need to evolve their products to maximise their competitiveness and market share. Being aware of novel designs and applications via Directions which distils a mass of often lengthy and complex patents into succinct, relevant commercial intelligence is a distinct advantage. 

Directions has consistently, over many years, reported on inkjet developments  well ahead of commercialisation of the reviewed technologies and applications. This is made possible because significant ideas often require numerous inventive steps over a considerable period of time. Single patent ideas are often not given full commercial priority, or may be associated with a smaller business which does not have the bandwidth to commercialise extremely fast. These factors also help ensure any given Directions review is ahead of the associated full commercial launch.   Use Directions to accelerate your knowledge of inkjet technology and to support development of your company's inkjet strategy.  
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