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A whole library of inkjet-related patents exists. Our ‘Directions’ Inkjet Patent Reviews simplifies these into bimonthly overviews.

We at i4inkjet are inkjet professionals aiming to deliver the inkjet content that helps inform you and your business best about industrial inkjet technology and markets.

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Why Inkjet for Industrial Applications?

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Mass customisation

  • On-demand capability is suitable for short runs with variable data
  • Seasonal, personalised, and one-off effects
  • Traceability and security  features (barcodes, QR codes)
  • Lends itself to a variety of applications

Non-contact printing

  • Flexibility to print on a variety of surfaces: smooth, rough, and 3D media
  • Allows controlled ink drop placement and build-up of ink layers to create texture or 3D objects
  • Removes the requirement for blankets, plates, screens, etc.

Variety of printheads

  • A variety of printheads exist in the market (including inkjet and valve-jet)
  • Provides flexibility for different applications and press system integration (flatbed, roll-roll, etc.)
  • Provides flexibility for different ink systems/chemistries
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Wide range of chemistries

  • Inks & coatings
  • UV & e-beam
  • Water-based
  • Solvent-based
  • Latex
  • Conductive & dielectric
  • Many others!
  • Different chemistries to suit different applications
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Colour & image quality

  • Vibrant colours and imagery can be obtained
  • Extensive colour gamut
  • Easy to produce brand colours
  • High-precision ink placement providing high resolution images and sharp text
  • Capability of printing on a wide range of substrate materials
person wearing round silver-colored analog watch at 1:19

Timely workflow

  • Low set-up time (no preparation of blankets, screens, etc. needed)
  • High speed printing, particularly for mass customisation
  • Low changeover times (no-contact means reduced cleaning compared to other technologies)
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Reduced Waste

  • No blankets, plates, screens etc. required
    Ink is placed only in areas where needed
  • Reduced media/substrate waste from faster start-up
  • Less solvents/cleaning products used compared to other printing/coating technologies
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Cost savings

  • Timely workflow for low volume print or coating applications
  • Reduced waste of printing consumables (blankets, plates, etc.), substrates, and cleaning chemicals
  • More compact than alternative printing/coatings methods thus requiring less floor space
  • Reduced printed media storage

It’s not just about CMYK; there are so many other decorative and functional aspects to inkjet printing, and so many applications which can benefit from inkjet integration.


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