Background info

i4inkjet Limited was set up as a registered company in 2020 to offer both vendors and users expert support for the development of new inkjet products, processes, applications and services. The business operates primarily in the digital printing industry, specializing in inkjet technology, products and markets.  ‘Pivotal ink jet resources’ and ‘Directions’ are brand names of i4inkjet Limited which is directed by Dr. Adam Strevens. 

In April 2020 Adam took on the production and editing of 'Directions' from Mike Willis, who initiated 'Directions' as part of his business Pivotal Resources Limited, over 20 years ago.  The rest of the 'Directions' patent review team remains almost the same, with Dr. Phil Bentley covering inkjet inks and Dr. Clare Conboy covering inkjet media, substrates, coatings and 3D printing. Adam now covers the industry news and jointly covers the inkjet hardware section which Mike used to do, with Tony Cruz-Uribe.  We wish Mike and his wife, Lorraine, all the best in their retirement and thank Mike for all his help, in particular with ensuring the continuation of 'Directions'.