'Directions' publication -  terms and conditions

While i4inkjet Ltd. takes care in preparing this analysis of patents and applications it has no control over any implementation resulting from this analysis or advice. i4inkjet Ltd., therefore, cannot accept  any liability for losses, whether consequential or otherwise, which may arise from such implementation.  i4inkjet Ltd. does not represent itself as a supplier of those services usually provided by lawyers and patent agents; and i4inkjet Ltd. recommends that clients seek advice from their own advisers where appropriate before implementing any decisions based on the contents of Directions.

'Directions' payment and delivery
Directions is prepared by i4inkjet Limited solely for subscribers and may not be copied, distributed or disclosed to any third party.  Currently, the online payment facility is set up so that you receive your electronic copy of Directions within 24 hours of payment having been received.  Base pricing currency is euro and prices in US$ where provided are indications and will vary depending on exchange rate at the time of ordering. If you have not received your electronic copy via email please email adam@i4inkjet.com.  For those who wish to have a hardcopy as well as an electronic copy, this is not a default option and must be requested by email.  Although delivery of electronic copies is within a day, delivery of hardcopies may take up to three weeks depending on location and allowing for Covid-related logistical delays with postage.

Consultancy payment and delivery
This is highly dependent on the nature and extent of the project as mutually agreed between i4inkjet limited and our customers on case by case basis.  Payment is typically by bank transfer (euro or US dollars only). 

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