Dir' V2-M


This option is for company use of Directions across multiple company sites and includes the following:

A year's worth of bimonthly emailed .pdf files of all patent-based inkjet technology reviews
  • subscription starts from the most recent published issue
  • 22-24 pages (A4-size) of reviews per issue (180 pages/year)  
A comprehensive index of inkjet patents
  • 600+ index entries per issue neatly categorised in one .pdf  
  • The total .pdf (reviews + index) has 50-60 pages per issue (300-360 pages/year)  
A filterable .xls patent index spreadsheet 
  • cumulatively updated providing 1000's of entries per year!
  • hyperlinks to original patent documents; useful column & tab splits
  • For examples, see the brochure on the 'Directions' page

Category Subscription

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