Dir' V1-S


This option is for company use of Directions within one company site and includes the following:

A year's worth of bimonthly emailed .pdf files of all patent-based inkjet technology reviews
  • Subscription starts from the most recently published issue
  • 22-24 pages (A4-size) of reviews per issue (180 pages per year)
  • This product also includes a 2-page inkjet industry news section
  • A trusted patent filtering and final review selection process is applied which has been evolved over the past 20 years
  • As with all the Directions product options, key illustrations from patents are incorporated in the reviews to help explain the key points and provide greater insight.
    • care is taken to maximise image quality and patent legibility
    • typically an original patent document is 30-50 pages long
    • key points are condensed to a 500 - 800 word review, depending on patent length and content
    • often more than one patent from a company on a given inventive idea is published in a given 2-month period. In some of these cases patents are helpfully grouped to convey a more complete picture
  • To see examples of the content on offer, a brochure is available for download from the 'Directions' page.

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